MP3 players

Last update: Jun 10. 2000

You find some util here related to MPEG layer-3 audio files.

3pm Console MP3 Player:

3pm is an easy-to-use console (text-mode) mp3 file player, using mpg123's decoder (great quality and speed), but I made it more stable (no more segfaults because damaged files). My resync algorithm works much better.

Key features:
- Seek in file ( , . < > or arrow keys)
- pause playing ( p/P key)
- skip track (enter)
- quit ( q or ESC key)
- detailed information while playing (current/all frames and time display)

Authors: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team) and authors of mpg123.

Platform: LINUX (SGI/IRIX version coming soon)


GyikSoft's mpg123:

The mpg123 player is the best command-line unix mp3 player, but without using graphical front-ends (like Sajber Jukebox or TkPlay) you can't seek (positioning) in file, jump to next track, pause playing etc. Mpg123 has no input buffering, so on a high-loaded system it can't play fluently.

In my version these additional features are implemented:
- Seek in file ( , . < > keys)
- pause playing ( p key)
- skip track (enter)
- quit ( q key)
- detailed information while playing (current/all frames and time display)
- input buffering (default 512k, but you can change with -B option)

Authors: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team) and authors of mpg123.

Platform: UNIX (tested on Linux and SGI IRIX)



Resident MP3 player for DOS. Drivers available for Sound Blaster 16 and Gravis Ultrasound Classic and ACE with 1MB. In SB16 mode you lost some memory on pcm buffers, while with GUS you get 6 second cache in GUS memory, so GUS is recommended. Btw SB16 is faster.

The program stays from 2 separated parts, a decoder (mp3>pcm) and a player driver. The decoder is written in Watcom C, it based on mpg123 sources. It just decode a given mp3 frame to raw pcm data, it's a TSR, accessible via an interrupt.The players are written in BAPC language by me (source available). Two player available, one for SB16 and the other for GUS. It does pcm playing using soundcard hardware , and control mp3 file reading, positioning, keyboard, interrupts. Both decoder and drivers are 16-bit realmode, so a bit slow (eat 33% CPU on my P166), but it is required to work well under plain DOS.

It's not 100% stable yet, but I can work using QEdit, BAPC and TASM while playing without system halt.Win 3.11 also works but very slow...

GUS version uses the IDLE time for decoding, so while you really work (for example run TASM) it will no use CPU (only if cache is empty), but while the program you use is waiting for a key (you are in a editor) it will use all of CPU time to fill the cache. With 1MB GUS you have cache enough for 6 second 44kHz stereo music.

Authors: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team) and authors of mpg123's layer3 decoder routines (see in mpg123's docs).

Platform: DOS (tested under MS-DOS 5.0)


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