Tools for LINUX and UNIX

Last update: Jun 10. 2000

These programs and other materials are created or modified by ESP-team members.

You can DOWNLOAD latest versions from our FTP archive:

3pm Console MP3 Player:
see in "MP3 players" section!

4Dwm desktop for Motif:
Package contains configuration files and icons for Motif Window Manager v2.x. Using them you will get feeling of 4Dwm used on Silicon Graphics workstations. Note: toolchest and filemanager will not work, it's just a window manager config, additional tools have to be rewritten for linux.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: LINUX + Motif v2.x (maybe other unix systems with mwm)
Filename: 4Dwm_for_MOTIF.tar.gz

Advanced FTP:
Simple command-line ftp client, optimized for slow telnet connection.
- very short commands
- file selection, !entrynum & masks
- path history and directory cache
- recursive get subdirs
- wget script creation
- keep-alive function
- handle symlinks correctly
- automatic reconnect if login failed
- display welcome banners/messages
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on Linux and AIX 4.2)
Used libraries: modified ftplib by Thomas Pfau (included), editline (optional, included) and GNU's readline (optional, not incl.)
Filename: aftp-0.*.tar.gz

Advanced Midnight Commander:
This is a bugfixed and enhanced version of the Midnight Commander 4.1.35. FTP is nearly rewritten, many small bugs are fixed, and some interesting features added, for example:
- Better syntax hilighting in editor
- Allow file/dirsize to be > 2GB
- FTP supports FXP (direct server-to-server connection)
- FTP transfers without copying to TEMP
- Fixed ZIPfs, added ESP support.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX and AIX)
Filename: mc-4.1.35-A6.tar.gz

Advanced TALK:
Standard talk client extended with features:
- scroll windows instead of wrap-around
- scroll windows UP and DOWN with keys
- log-file (called "talk.log", created in current directory)
- erase word
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: LINUX (test on AIX 4.2 failed)
Filename: atalk-0.*.tar.gz

Increases a counter and logs counter, host, browser and filename to a logfile. Uses lock-file to avoid process overlaps.
Requirements: It must be SUID or the log-file must be R/W by others.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: Counter-CGI.tar.gz

DOSrun: (was DOS-Runner)
DOSrun is designed to run real-mode (16/32bit) DOS compiler, converter and archiver programs from LINUX commandline using LINUX's resources.
Note: If you want run interactive programs (like Norton Commander) or prgs using graphics or extended keyboard features, or DPMI, try DOSEMU!
- .COM & .EXE loader (EXE relocation not really tested)
- DOS Environment and PSP from LINUX's environ & commandline
- partial INT 16h, INT 20h, INT 21h, INT 29h emulation
- DOS<->UNIX path conversion
- good memory management (alloc/free/resize)
Current version (0.42) must be run as root.
Development: DOSrun had been rewritten and now it's the development version (0.5). It doesn't require running as root, and it's under GPL.
Library: modified version of Linux Real Mode Interface by Josh Vanderhoof (included)
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team) and Gábor Lénárt (LGB/DC)
Platform: LINUX x86 only

ELF disassembler:
Modified version of NASM's NDISASM program.
Additional features:
- ELF file (executable/object/shared library) reading
- load and use STATIC and DYNAMIC symbol table if present
- optionally dump ELF sections to files (linked data...)
- display ASCIIZ text constants from ".rodata" section
- signed hex values (ndisasm writes [ebp+0xfffffffe] instead of [ebp-0x2])
This util can be used for understand programs without their sources.
WARNING! Reverse engineering and cracking may be ILLEGAL, use it only for your own programs or for educational purpose!
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: LINUX x86 only
Filename: elfdisasm-0.*.tar.gz

Some simple script to create self-extracting EXE-s using gzip or bzip2. Similar to PkLite, LZexe and WWPack under DOS.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: ELFpack-*.tar.gz

Esort is a very simple implementation of ESP archiver's sorting function under UNIX/LINUX. It will be the base of ESP v2.0.
Currently you can use with TAR and GZIP or other solid compress prg. The tar.gz files will be 1-2% smaller if you use Esort on file-list.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: Esort-*.tar.gz

GyikSoft Mailer for UNIX:
This is a simple e-mail reader program for UNIX, based on the original DOS version called GyikSoft Mailer for DOS v3.4 written in Borland Pascal. Currently Pegasus Mail for DOS (.PMM files) and standard UNIX folders (and so Netscape's Inbox as well) are supported for reading.
- Support MIME multipart mail format
- Decode BASE64 attachments and mails
- Decode quoted-printable mails
- Display ISO-encoded headers correctly (many other mailer doesn't)
- Read, Reply, Forward, Compose functions
- Multi-level address-book
- New mail notification (checked every 5 seconds)
- Optimized for slow TELNET connection (minimal redrawing)
- Optimized for speed (own buffered string reader, string routines)
Authors: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team) and György Pilászy (Pilu/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested under LINUX, IRIX 6.4 and AIX 4.2)
Filename: GySMail-*.tar.gz

GyikSoft's mpg123:
see in "MP3 players" section!

LILO for DOSemu and VMware
Modified version of LILO (Linux Loader) to work better with DOS Emulator and VMware. In my version the default boot-image depends on environment where it is running. It loads boot section with label=d if DOSemu detected, boots section with label=w if VMware detected, otherwise loads the default (first) boot image.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Original: LILO program code Copyright 1992-1997 Werner Almesberger.
Platform: LINUX x86 only
Filename: LILO-*_for_DOSemu-VMware.tar.gz

This is a simple macro-compiler for text and HTML files. You can define and call macros, and access parameters on command line. The syntax is very similar to BAPC's language, the only difference is that end of macro is signed by a '#', not ENDM or EOL. The compiler also skip DOS-style newlines (ascii 13), and allow maximum 2 empty lines after eachother in output, it makes HTML files readable.
It was designed to help managing a big site (ESP-team's homepage), which is mirrored at many places, and addresses are changed very often. I built the site from macros, so the source isn't redundant, changes can be made very easy! Writting a section for a new program is easy too.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: Macro-HTML-*.tar.gz

MultiKey patch for DOSemu:
Fixes some bugs in DOSemu's keyboard routine, originally written because of the DOS keyboard redefiner called 'MultiKey'.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: LINUX x86 only
Filename: DOSemu-0.99.*_Multikey-fix.tar.gz

Front-end for zlib v1.0.4 compression library. Really it's a big nothing, it just calls some library function, but it helps a lot in manipulating raw z-compressed files from shell scripts. (It was originally written to decompress .ztext and .zdata sections of a compressed ELF object dumped by the ELF disassembler...)
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Library required: zlib by Jean-loup Gailly and Mark Adler (not included!)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: Zzzz...*.tar.gz

ESP (Extension-Sort Packer) is an old archiver for DOS, written in 1996-97, it was the first big project of the ESP-team. UnESP is an ESP archive extractor and lister program. I'm currently working on UNIX/LINUX port of the ESP archiver.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: UnESP-UNIX-*.tar.gz

UnESP library for LINUX/UNIX:
ANSI-C library which unpack raw compressed ESP files. It's designed to be use by UnESP for UNIX. You can specify input and output stream handlers, memory allocation and file I/O is your work.
Author: Árpád Gereöffy (A'rpi/ESP-team)
Platform: UNIX (tested on LINUX only)
Filename: libUnESP-*.tar.gz

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