Tools for DOS

Last update: Jun 10. 2000

These programs and other materials are created by ESP-team members.
They are old

You can DOWNLOAD latest versions from our FTP archive:

624 v1.1:
This is a COM program packer. You can compress COM program shorter than 25000 bytes. The compression rate is fantastic. It's designed for scene 4kB intros (name comes from 6kb to 4kb).
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Date: Aug. 1997
Platform: DOS
Filename: 624.ZIP

Analyzer v1.36:
This program will scan the current directory, lists the filename and it's DETECTED type... Since v1.34 you can redirect it into a file.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: AN136.ZIP

AntiUPC v1.00:
This small FREEWARE util avoid that programs compiled by Borland/Turbo C[++] or by Borland/Turbo Pascal 7.0 were NOT detected by "Unpackers" like UPC, Intruder or XPACK. I not tested with Intruder, sorry. :(
ATTENTION!!! This proggy changes your program, so that possible won't be work. I tested it extensively, and has been found to work better. BUT the author (me) do NOT accept *any* responsibility for damage that may be incurred out of the use of, abuse of, or the inability to use this utility, including loss of profit.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS

Boogie's Decoder v1.05:
Boogie's Decoder is a FREEWARE 7bit->binary decoder, that decodes Base64 (MIME), Code91, UUEncode or XXEncode encoded letters. It was written in BAP (an Assembly-based language), so it's small and fast.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: BD105.ZIP

C-CAD System:
This one is a COMMERCIAL program, you can download only the DEMO version (no SAVE function in it and you can print the demo files only).
C-CAD System includes electronic Draft and PCB designer, parts designer and characteristics (chart) drawer. Support for Bezier curves, multi-layer drawings. Easy-to-use, mouse and keyboard controlled. It was designed for DTP, drawing figures for magazines and books, it supports B/W TIFF bitmap image generation up to 1600 DPI.
C-CAD is no longer supported, you can't buy it, but the whole project (rights, sources and copy-protection technique) is sale for $500. We are ready to make a new, portable (DOS/Win/Linux/UNIX) design system, so we are searching sponsors and distributors (who can sale the product) now.
Authors: Árpád Gereöffy and György Pilászy
Platform: DOS

CD Player v2.7:
It's a FREEWARE textmode audio CD player for DOS. Support tracklists.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: CDP_V27.ZIP

CODE91 v1.1:
It's a FREEWARE 7-bit en-/decoding utility.
Code91 is a new 7-bit encoding technology designed for E-Mail file transfer. It creates always(!!) smaller files, than UUE or MIME converters, because use 91 characters. (UUE and MIME encoding use only 64 chars) You can send the decoder program (DECODE91.COM) via E-Mail WITHOUT ENCODING! (thanks to MikroLab for 7-bit self-decoder routine) It can pack more files to a single textfile.
Author: A'rpi / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: CODE91.ZIP

GyikSoft MAIL v3.2:
It's a FREEWARE textmode mailer (E-mail) program for DOS written in Borland pascal and assembly.
Supports Pegasus Mail, Netscape Mail and standard UNIX-format folders. Mails can be send via Novell's SMTPMAIL method or Netscape's Outbox. Uses index files for folders, so it's very fast, and store FLAGS as read and replied. Support copy, move, delete mail functions, search and various selection methods. You can define filters for automatic move. Address book with hotkeys and address completion. Handles ISO codepage, base64-encoded headers, mails and attachments. Uses user-defined external editor and viewer.
Author: A'rpi / ESP-team
Platform: DOS (UNIX version also available, with less features)
Filename: GYSM32B3.ZIP

HIX reader 3.0:
It's a Public Domain reader program designed for HIX mailing lists. Answers can be send via Novell's SMTPMAIL method. Handles ISO codepage, uses user-defined external editor and viewer.
Author: A'rpi / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: HIXREAD3.ZIP

Jumper v1.00:
It's a GAME, written is BAPC language. Jumper is a small clone of WESP by Guenter Koch and Phil Dewitt.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: JUMPER10.ZIP

ResInfo v2.0:
Small resident program for Norton or Volkov Commander, it shows file description in the last row. DN and VC 5.0 has this feature built-in.
Author: A'rpi / ESP-team and Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: RESINFO2.ZIP

WWmut for WWPack 3.04a:
This anti-hack utility modifies WWPack's decompress code, so known unpackers can't unpack it. File analyzers won't detect WWPack.
Author: Boogie / ESP-team
Platform: DOS
Filename: WWMUT10.ZIP

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